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Each answer at least 100 words, write each answer under each questions

1. Anderson argues that discourse about Wallace Reid helped Americans to make sense of drug addiction. You might also say that discourse about Wallace Reid’s drug addiction helped Americans to make sense of Hollywood. The attached article includes excerpts from several newspaper editorials about Reid’s death. Identify three publications that are quoted here (The Norfolk Ledger Dispatch, the Lynchburg News, the Dayton News, etc.) that use the example of Reid’s death to talk about Hollywood. What is each of the three publications saying about the film industry?

– Quote the news and summarize the main idea, see attachment check my original answer

2. Describe a research topic you might develop in relation to one or more of these readings. First, identify an argument that the author–Susman, DeCordova, or Anderson- -makes. Then explain the research question that arises from this argument, perhaps by applying the author’s idea to an early twenty-first century star or scandal. Finally, what would your research method be? Meaning, what evidence would you look to in order to explore your research question? (For example, Susman looks at self-help books.)

– See attachment check my original answer

3. John Ellis argues that television creates personalities, not stars, because the television actor is too available to us. Whereas the movie star can build up interest through the incomplete appearances in subsidiary media (newspapers, magazines, television interviews, etc.), creating a promise that seems to be fulfilled in the star’s rare film performances, the television personality is always available and never builds up the same level of anticipation and desire. Do you agree with Ellis? Is there a fundamental difference between film and television stars based on the fact that television stars are familiar while film stars seem unattainable? Support your answer with specific examples of at least one film and one television actor.

– use attachment article to answer question

4. According to Richard Dyer, how does the sequence from A Star Is Born convey Judy Garland’s authenticity?

– – use attachment article to answer question

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