Discussion Responses

Write a response of your thoughts to these answers in 100 words or less.

World Cultures I:

The Competitive Character of the Ancient Greeks

· Why do you think the competitive nature of the Greeks was so important for their success as a people and culture? I believe that the competitive nature of the Greeks was so important because It was all or nothing. They gave no second prizes if you lost you lost. There were bragging rights and in this culture if you won you pretty much placed on a pedestal. This competitive nature was embedded within the culture.

· What are some of the advantages of being very competitive? Some advantages of being very competitive is that you always are going to get the oppositions best output. I say this because through being competitive your going to put out your best work and so is the person you are going against and as a community that only makes things better. For example two competitive farmers are going to battle it out to have the best crops. Two people in the Olympics competing creates a good show.

· Greece was very small compared to all her neighbors (like Persia and Egypt) so why was being competitive a big advantage for Greece? By Greece being so small but being competitive it gives of an intimidation factor. It shows that Greece is not going to back down and are up for any challenge because they are competitive.

The Ancient Olympics vs The Modern Olympics

· Talk about the fact that Greek male athletes competed nude versus today (imagine how that would play out with modern television, lol). Greek Males performing nude was acceptable in this culture because not only would they perform and win but they would win accolades for their achievements(The Physically fit men of course). Today the way the world is and this generation men would not be able to compete nude. Although I believe a lot of women would like this thought (lol) they way society is shaped now having clothing is pretty much a necessity. You have a lot of males who would not want to compete nude.

· Discuss the sheer scope of the modern games with so many nations versus the smaller number of Greek cities. Like today the Greek games were done every 4 years and had a lot of similar contest. One huge different were that women would not usually attend these games.

· Are the Olympics today more about ‘the athletes’ or the ‘nations’? I believe Olympics today is about competetion but more about bringing the nations together as one. It still has the competitive spirit on being the best but more so on all the nations coming together in unity.

Women in the Olympic Games

Greek Running Girl  – What does the artifact reveal? What it reveals to me is that women participated just like men did and they practiced equality

Women’s roles in Greek society

· After looking at the role women played in both watching and participating in the Olympic Games, what do think the role of women was in Greek society? Were they valued? Did they have a voice in society?

In my own opinion I think the role women placed in greek society were just as equaled as men. I do believed they were valued as equals and had a voice in how things were ran. I believe that the whole society was ran with equality.


Criminal Investigation:

Per the text, effective criminal investigators take notes of not only detailed information about the crime but generalized information that may or may not be relevant to the crime they are investigating. Refer to figure 2.15 “Recreation of a homicide shooting” in Chapter 2 of the textbook and determine the information (important and generalized) that you would take for your crime investigation report. Be sure to classify each piece of information as being either important or generalized. Provide a rationale for your chosen pieces of information and the classification to which you identified them.

What’s important is who are the victims, the cause of death, when and where the crime happened, is there a reason why someone was murdered, and how was it committed.  More detailed information would be the positions of the bodies, check the surrounding areas, check your bullet casings and where they are, check the age and gender of the victims, and check to see if anything looks out of the ordinary.

Citizen online crime reporting has become popular in recent years but it has generated some speculation on its validity. Interpret your thoughts on the validity of self-reporting by citizens, and explain the main reasons why some people question the validity of citizen online crime reporting.

I think that online crime reporting is valid, a lot of citizens prefer this method because of various reasons, especially citizens that have been victims of aggravated assault, sexual assault, and rape, both male and female. This method is less embarrassing and may be more easier for them to explain their truth without the fear of discrimination of reporting officer and the public in general, and that doesn’t make it any less valid. I understand why some people may have some resovation about this method, because when people are asked to tell strangers about their illegal acts, they may lie about their criminal involvement, and also in some instance other people may forget, misunderstand, or distort their participation in crime.