Do the behaviors of Nelson and Canaris suggest any aspects of transformational or charismatic leadership

View the video clip from ” Doomsday .”

Scenario: The Reaper virus strikes Glasgow, Scotland, on April 3, 2008. It spreads and devastates the population throughout Scotland. Authorities seal off the borders, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the country. They also prohibit aircraft flyovers. Social decay spreads, and cannibalistic behavior develops among the few remaining survivors.

Eventually, no one is left alive in the quarantined area. The Reaper virus reemerges in 2032, this time in London, England. Classified satellite images show life in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Prime Minister John Hatcher (Alexander Siddig) and his assistant Michael Canaris (David O’Hara) assign the task of finding the cure to Security Chief Bill Nelson (Bob Hoskins).

This sequence starts with a shot of the Department of Domestic Security emblem. The film cuts to Major Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra) standing in the rain smoking a cigarette while waiting for Chief Nelson. The sequence ends after Michael Canaris leaves the helicopter while saying to Sinclair, “Then you needn’t bother coming back.” He closes the helicopter’s door. Major Sinclair blows her hair from her face while pondering his last statement.

In the Week 5 – Leadership discussion forum, address the following questions:

  1. Assess the behavior of both Bill Nelson and Michael Canaris. What leadership style, according to the leadership theorists discussed in the text (e.g., Lewin, Blake and Morton, Fiedler) do Sinclair and Canaris manifest in their behaviors? Give examples of action, language, etc., which are indicative of that particular leadership style.
  2. Do the behaviors of Nelson and Canaris suggest any aspects of transformational or charismatic leadership or both? If yes, give examples of action, language, etc. indicative of that particular leadership style.
  3. If you were Sinclair and had to report to both Nelson and Canaris, what would be your attitudes be toward them? How would you behave or conduct yourself when working with them?
  4. Read and reply to the postings of two (2) other students.


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