During your observation of the lesson, complete the “Social Studies Observation” form.

Part 1: Observation

Observing a classroom environment can provide much needed detail and   understanding of students’ learning needs and continued progress.

Observe a K-8 classroom during a social studies lesson. During your   observation of the lesson, complete the “Social Studies   Observation” form.

Speak with your mentor teacher and, provided permission, use any   remaining time to seek out opportunities to observe and/or assist your   mentor teacher or another teacher and work with a small group of   students on instruction in the classroom.

Part 2: Collaboration Summary

Following your observation, have a discussion with your mentor   teacher about the social studies lesson. In 250-500 words summarize   your observation and discussion with your mentor teacher, and describe   how you will apply what you have learned to your future professional practice.

Your discussion should include the following:

  1. How do you engage your students in social studies   lessons?
  2. How do you apply real-world relevancy to the   lessons?
  3. What examples do you have of incorporating the arts     into social studies lessons?
  4. What strategies do you use to     create learning experiences that activate students’ prior   knowledge?

Speak with your mentor teacher about implementing a social studies   pre-assessment during Clinical Field Experience B. Inquire about the   unit and standards that the classroom is learning in order to prepare   your pre-assessment.

Submit your observation form and collaboration summary as one deliverable.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.