epidemiology disease occurrence

Choose a disease or health-related research question you are interested in studying as an epidemiologist ( I selected Measles, is a disease that can be prevented with proper vaccination)

Paper Assignment Description


Briefly introduce/describe the research question you are interested in studying (I selected: measles outbreaks)

oState your research question, explicitly state your exposure and outcome, and state the population of interest (all three may be in one sentence)

oBriefly introduce why your question is of importance to human health


Descriptive Epidemiology

oDescribe the exposure and outcome you are interested in studying using epidemiologic measures of disease occurrence and descriptive epidemiology

oPresent current prevalence/incidence/or rates of exposure of interest to indicate the public health impact or burden

oPresent current prevalence/incidence/or rates of outcome of interest to indicate the public health impact or burden

oDescribe the outcome in terms of person, place, and time: who tends to get this condition, where do they usually live, and at what age (graphs, maps, or tables are acceptable but need to be cited; they will not be counted towards the page total)

Analytic Epidemiology

oPresent other known risk factors for the outcome using results from analytic epidemiology studies (cite the original source; citing a website is not sufficient here) (NOTE: If there are no known risk factors, discuss this here. You will still need citations of similar or related work to thoroughly discuss that there are no known risk factors)

oYou can provide measures of disease association from the literature such as an odds ratio, or risk ratio


Introduce what type of study design you might choose to answer your research question and why. Your options are: cross-sectional, experimental, cohort, or a case-control study. (NOTE: there is no one right answer to this, rather, it is important to choose a logical design for your research question, and be able to justify your choice).

oConsider available data sources, resources (money and time), population, prevalence of exposure, prevalence of disease, timing of exposure, research question, and/or public health need (NOTE: you do not need to discuss all of these, just what you used to choose your study design)

State what measure(s) of association you would present given your study design


•Any unoriginal work needs to be cited (websites are not sufficient references)

•References for this paper should be peer reviewed, recent (within last 5-7 years) and relevant to your topic area.

•There is a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed articles for this assignment. You have the option for including additional sources.

•All citations should be referenced within the paper and in a bibliography at the end of the paper

•Use the American Psychological Association (APA) format.

Your project will be a 5-7-page paper that presents the information in a logical sequence.

My college uses Turnitin for all written assignments.