essay about propaganda

Essay #3 Propaganda

Essay 3 will be an exploration of the ways in which propaganda is used in everyday life. Using Donna Woolfolk Cross’s essay “Propaganda: How Not to be Bamboozled” you will reveal how propaganda is used in one of the following:

  1. a politician’s speech
  2. an organization like Monsanto, the NRA, etc. promotional material
  3. a brand (and how it advertises)

You will discuss the specific aspects of propaganda from her essay i.e. glittering generalities, plain folks appeal, etc. Explain to us how each point you’ll discuss is an example of one of those 11 tactics. Of course not everything will use all of the 11 tactics (and even if it does, you won’t write about all 11). Choose the most salient examples of propaganda in your subject and discuss in detail how your example reveals that specific propaganda tactic.

This essay will require research time, albeit informal research. Depending on your choice, you’ll either need to spend a substantial amount of time reviewing videos, advertisements, or promotional campaigns.

This assignment takes logical fallacies to the next level to reveal the ways which people are vulnerable to appeals to various emotions, fears, and desires which politicians, advertisements, and organizations (often with a political bent) play on and exploit.

4-6 pages in MLA style

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