Essay about the Deadly Sin ENVY in todays society and how to combat it with LOVE using biblical perspectives.

  • Follow a style format. APA, Turabian, and MLA are all acceptable formats for this assignment.
  • Be between 1500 and 2000 words, including title page and list of references.
  • Have at least five additional scholarly sources as support for your observations and proposals.
  • Have a robust definition and discussion on the particular vice that you have chosen to write on which is ENVY! Make sure that you identify how this vice is operating in the contemporary world.
  • Describe how the opposite Biblical virtue (LOVE) to the vice you are describing combats and addresses this particular sin.
  • Show how the enduring questions of truth, goodness and beauty assist us identifying, arresting and addressing this particular vice in our contemporary world.
  • Have a clear thesis statement in the opening paragraph of the paper.

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