essay and powerpoint 3

If you view natural disasters not disastersbut as a learning experience, this is a sign you are a geotechnical engineer”1.What Can a Civil and Environmental Engineer learn from the outbreak of Coronavirus. 2.What are the roles of Civil and Environmental Engineers in Curtailing the wide spread of Coronavirus?3.Study carefully the attached file from…) showing the distribution of COVID19 cases in all the states in the United States as of April 7, 2020, where we have 394,587cases and a total of 12, 748 deathsand do the followingi.To each state match the total population of people in the stateii.Explain why we have variation in number of cases and deaths from state to stateas well as variation in daily deaths(Hint: you may wish to trace back the policies the states have made in the past one month, earlier intervention, political reasons etc.)iii.Suggest what the states with high number of cases could have done better in order to curtail the spread of COVID194.Study critically the second file on Death rate multiplication ( Death doubles every day, every 2 days, Every 3 days and every week)?. Please explain why there is variation in this rate of deaths from the states to states. As a Civil Engineer/Environmental Engineer if you are special adviser to a governor from any of these states what advise are you going to give the governor in order to lower the rate of deaths as well as curtail the spread of the COVID195.Please explain the third attachment which is White House Corona virus prediction model of March 31, 2020 ( How can curve be flattened.6.Please make sure you cite references.The following links to the websites may beuseful source of information for you as well as others you can also find:…socialdistancing.html…

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