Essay invites you to reflect on your role as learner

Portfolio Essay
The Portfolio Essay invites you to reflect on your role as learner and draw broader insights about your learning experiences. In order to do this, you are asked to write an essay that explores the three questions below and then submit that reflective essay with a fresh copy of your final project – the evidence of your semester of learning. Your essay should answer:
First, where have I come from? By reflecting on your learning path before entering this specific Honors Studies experience, you are better situated to explore how far you have come. Spend some time telling your reader (me) how you got here and what skills you brought with you to the class.
Second, where am I now? Reflect on the specific experience of creating the final project (including all that it entailed), and then connect these experiences to the outcomes we have for English 103 (see attached list of outcomes and explanations). How have you practiced these skills? How do these new skills relate to other experiences you have had as a learner in various courses and environments this semester?
Third, where am I going? In light of your new learning, how might you apply what you’ve discovered about yourself to your future as a learner and a practitioner in a field?
Do not forget to also load a copy of your final project when you submit this essay!
The Course Outcomes for FLCC English 103
Student Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course, students will…
 Rhetorical Knowledge—read and compose a variety of texts by evaluating
purpose, audience, genre, and context for different situations.
 Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing—evaluate and synthesize ideas,
information, situations, and texts in order to enhance their reading and writing
 Processes—use flexible and recursive composing and research processes
adapted to different contexts and situations.
 Knowledge of Conventions—apply and analyze genres’ conventions (grammar,
punctuation, paragraphing, tone, mechanics, etc.) in response to different writing
situations in order to create readable texts.
In other words (a more holistic explanation)…
How has this class and the creation of the final project impacted your:
· Ability to read and write in different situations, for different readers, for
different disciplines, etc. (Use specific examples from your submission!)
· Ability to evaluate the usefulness of other’s ideas, research, and writing as well
as synthesize multiple authors’ ideas, research, and writing. (Use specific
examples from your submission!)
· Ability to write multiple drafts and make revisions and additions over time as
needed. (Use specific examples from your submission!)
· Ability to follow the format and expectations of a formal, academic research
paper in a given discipline. (Use specific examples from your submission!)

This paper is based off the last paper that was written . I will upload it.