essay on Steadfast Leadership

After reading the case, write a 3-5 page essay discussing your company’s (or a recent company you worked for) workplace culture, politics, biases and values. Choose a leader in that organization and specifically describe how his/her leadership strategy has impacted the organization’s culture and work environment. As part of the essay, keep in mind what it would be like to be a female (if you are male) or your actual experiences, as a female, in that workplace culture; provide specific examples, if you have any. Please use Rebecca from the article as the female you write about, using her experiences and conflicts from the article.

PLESE FOLLOW THE CASE STUDY INSTRUCTIONS AS THEY ARE . The instructions are on the 2nd page in the instruction document I uploaded, please use 1 inch margins and 12 font. Please use the notes on the PowerPoint too and elaborate on those too.
Pleas write a entire whole 3rd page and not just a half. Please site the article as a source.