explain a contractor s estimating and accounting systems

You can review the information at the website below to get a general idea of what to research. The research should be based on peer-reviewed articles located in the library. The research can include references to .gov websites but not to commercial blogs or URLs of professional organizations with sponsors.

There are several .gov locations to draw initial information from. You can explore each of the websites by navigating to tables of content and to search windows. The .gov websites are regularly updated and are helpful for starting the research. However, be sure to include library articles in the research effort.

Starting Point for DFAR topics (click on Table of Contents)



Use library research to create an essay explaining the use and application of contractor estimating and accounting systems.


Use the following format for creation of an essay covering the topic, government cost accounting standards (see Title 48 Part 9904 – contents). Use the following format by placing 1st and 2nd level APA section titles for each section. Research library articles to create your narrative.



Literature Review*




Future Research Recommendation

Incorporate at least three peer-reviewed references from articles located at the online APUS library.

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