explore the various meanings behind one concept in the field of nursing.

MN502: Unit 3 Assignment

Uses of Concepts Paper


The purpose of this Assignment is to explore the various meanings behind one concept in the

field of nursing. It is important to understand that while professionals from various fields will use

the same word, they often carry very different meanings. Likewise, it is important for every

health professional to be able to explain the meaning/use/interpretation of a term to patients in a

way that they can understand. To complete this Assignment, you will explore the various

definitions of a single word and compile a detailed description of theses definitions and

interpretations of that word.

To begin, select a word (concept) familiar to you in health care that has multiple interpretations

and uses, e.g., heart. The heart is an organ, a muscle, a control center, a source of emotion,

etc. Examples to choose from include, but are not limited to:

fail error death innovation quality

team soul spirit research evidence

loneliness hardiness stress grief care

rehabilitation trauma

Feel free to be creative in your choice of terms. You will provide a description of uses,

definitions, and varied interpretations of the term. You will use multiple sources to find your

definitions (not dictionary.com or Wikipedia.com).


 Identify the concept and purpose for studying the concept and relevance to nursing


 Conduct a preliminary literature review to identify multiple uses of the concept

 Describe the various usages of the term.

 Determine the critical attributes of the concept.

 Create a theoretical and operational definition of the concept.

Read the following two resources located in the Kaplan University Writing Center:

 Using facts, examples, and definitions

 Paragraph development

Pay particular attention to the section on rhetorical modes for developing paragraphs because

this is where you will learn how to describe and explain a concept to patients in effective an

accurate ways.

To complete this Assignment, you will write a fully developed paragraph on each

definition/use/interpretation of the term you have chosen. For those definitions or uses that

pertain to the nursing profession, you will explain the concept in such a way that includes

examples, analogies, and self-explanatory descriptions. On average you will find four to eight

uses for each term.


 The concept you select for Unit 3 will need to be the same concept that you will build

upon when completing your final Assignment in Unit 9.

 You will use at least five sources for your research on this Assignment. Cite all your

references in correct APA format both in the text and on a reference page. Refer to the

APA resources in the KU Writing Center. Use your manual so that you can cite from

some of the non-traditional sources you find.

 Your Assignment will be 3–5 pages, and should include a title page and reference page

(not included in the 3–5 pages for the Assignment).

If you still have questions about APA citations after reviewing the materials above, please come

to live tutoring in the Writing Center where you can work one-on-one with a live tutor. Days and

times are posted on the Writing Tutor page/link on the Writing Center home page.

When your paper is complete, save as a Word® document, and upload to the Dropbox basket:

Unit 3 Assignment.

To view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics section

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