Fake news and critical thinking essay

How might the lack of critical thinking as well as intuitive thinking lead people to fall for fake news? How might critical thinking skills and reflective thinking help people deal with fake news? Select an example of fake news and describe how some of its advocates are not displaying critical or reflective thinking. Find a website promoting a fake news claim. (200 word minimum for main posting.


critical thinking by Jonathan smith 2nd edition

When you submit a forum posting, be sure to use the “CAPCON SYSTEM,” described below

Your forum grades depend on how well you learn and show you’ve learned CONCEPTS introduced in your textbook. To do this you must use the CAPCON system for all assignments. Whenever you are applying a TEXTBOOK CONCEPT, type it in ALL CAPS. Also, whenever you apply a TEXTBOOK CONCEPT, don’t just “name drop” it. That is, don’t just state the concept. You have to explain what the concept is and how it applies. Be sure to note the video you are discussing.


I saw the video on an astrologer reading someone’s personality. It was so fake I could tell he was making it up!


VIDEO VIEWED: This is a review of Jon Smith’s video on Astrology. Mr. Smith, the astrologer, claimed to use his client’s horoscope to predict that “something good will happen in the future” and that the client “recently had an accident.” In term of the textbook, the astrologer’s reading use using two tricks: VAGUE READINGS that can be interpreted in any way, and UNIVERSAL FACTS that apply to nearly everyone (nearly everyone has had a recent accident, even a small one.”

The first posting gets no points because no textbook concepts are introduced, and the actual video viewed is not indicated. The second posting gets full credit because it actually names the video viewed and incorporates two textbook concepts, “VAGUE READINGS” and “UNIVERSAL FACTS.’ The CAPCON system was used.

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Fake News


Those who read, watch, or scroll through the headlines are likely to fall for fake news if they have a LACK OF CRITICAL THINKING or are utilizing INTUITIVE THINKING. Those who are using an INTUITIVE THINKING STYLE are going with their initial “gut instinct,” and not considering any alternative possibilities. The required OUTSIDE READING from the NY Times about why people fall for fake news, delves further into this topic of the tendency to refrain from using CRITICAL THINKING. The authors believe that there is a “cognitive laziness” at play, in which people passively scan through news headlines, not taking the time to critically examine the information they receive. Another possibility they discuss is our propensity to rationalization, meaning we use our cognitive facilities to persuade ourselves into believing something we want to be true, allowing biases to cloud our ability to be objective.

Therefore, in order avoid buying in to fake news, it is important to utilize a REFLECTIVE THINKING STYLE as part of the CRITICAL THINKING PROCESS. This involves questioning our initial instincts and considering alternative possibilities when faced with objective information. Due to the possibility of rationalization (which could possibly be unconscious), it is important to consider the FOUR CHALLENGES OF THE OPEN-MINDED THINKER. This involves having the courage to pause and reflect, questioning fearlessly and honestly, recognizing there may be more to the world than meets the eye (that things may be different than you wish), and admitting that you may be totally mistaken.

In searching for fake news, I found several stories leading me back to the “Huzler” website: https://www.huzlers.com/. While this website classifies itself as a “fauxtire and satirical news blog,” it’s headlines sound much more realistic than those from a sites such as “The Onion.” For example, on Jan 2, 2019, they posted a headline, “Man doing ‘Bird Box Challenge’ gets jumped and mugged in hood.” While this particular story is untrue, it is true that people are engaging in a “Bird Box Challenge” in which individuals walk around blindfolded and often post them on the internet. It is also true that some people are getting injured while participating in this challenge (e.g. falling, walking into objects). Those who re-post this story without engaging in critical thinking (likely due to “cognitive laziness”), they are continuing to spread a false story.


Fake News


Persons who are INTUINTIVE THINKERS are usually ones who are commonly naïve and are usually too lazy to check the facts of a source that is credible. In most cases, a person they feel who is smarter, gives them more reason not to challenge that person intellect. In turn, it will leave an INTUINTIVE THINKER agreeing with something without little questioning or fact checking.

Individuals who use REFLECTIVE THINKING PATTERNS, are used to “CHALLENGING” the norm and are more likely to take time to do research, check facts and credible sources to submit an answer that can be deemed sensible or valid before they make an impromptu decision. Although it takes more work or presents more of a challenge, CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS can help a person deal with a problem easier.

The National Enquirer presented an article on their website, https://www.nationalenquirer.com/royal-gossip/meghan-markle-flees-country-retreat-over-security-fears/, titled, “MEGAN MARKLE FLEES COUNTRY RETREAT OVER SECURITY FEARS”. Most of the world knows that Megan Markle has been on credible news sources with her wedding to the royal prince as well as her pregnancy. Meanwhile, The National Inquirer, has created this non-credible story which makes INTUITIVE THINKERS quickly see this article and possibly believe it. However, given a story like this one, a CRITICAL THINKER will do their due diligence and then conclude how ridiculous a story like this can be written.

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