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There are all the reading and movie for this week. The link of them are below.

Please read and watch those before you start to do the quiz.

Please follow the questions and make sure you answer them correctly.

Thank you so much.

5A Discourse and Ideology…

NPR story on Carrie Buck

5B Monroe and Sexuality…

Anne Helen Peterson on Jennifer Lawrence and Marilyn Monroe scandals…

But stop…

5C Monroe and Sexuality…

The Seven Year Itch


Class: Hollywood Stardom

Worksheet on Dyer, “Monroe and Sexuality”

Please answer the following questions

Identify which two of the following statements are true. I’m not trying to trick you with statements that are 90% true and have one false element. Rather, the main ideas in two of these statements are true.

⦁ Richard Dyer argues that, while Monroe seemed to be the epitome of carefree sexuality, in truth she was child-like and vulnerable. He supports this argument through a close analysis of her performance in The Seven Year Itch.

⦁ Richard Dyer argues that Marilyn Monroe represented sexuality as it was understood in the mid twentieth century, and he supports this argument by reading her image—in interviews, articles, photographs, etc.—in relationship to 1950s’ discourse about sexuality.

⦁ Richard Dyer examines Marilyn Monroe in relation to two competing discourses from the 1950s: the discourse promoted by Playboy magazine, which sought to redefine sex as something healthy and natural, and the scientific discourse, particularly psychoanalysis, which understood sex in relation to the unconscious and familial relationships.

⦁ According to Richard Dyer, Marilyn Monroe agreed to appear nude in the first issue of Playboy magazine in order to promote her view that sex is healthy and natural. Unlike other Playboy models, China Chado and Darine Stern, for example, Monroe conveys naturalness and innocence.

Short Answer.

⦁ Describe three ways in which The Seven Year Itch supports Richard Dyer’s argument that Marilyn Monroe embodied the values that were important to 1950s audiences.

⦁ How does the clipping from Picturegoer magazine reflect the Playboy discourse as described by Richard Dyer?

⦁ What evidence does Dyer use to support his argument that Monroe’s star image reflected the mid twentieth-century discourse about female sexuality? Describe one example that Dyer uses to support his claim.

⦁ Richard Dyer argues that, in order to understand why Marilyn Monroe continues to resonate with audiences today, we need to understand how she embodies contemporary values. Select one example of a way in which Monroe continues to circulate (). What values are represented in this impersonation or reference? Why do these values resonate today? You may choose from the following or find your own example: makeup tutorials and drag shows on YouTube; impersonations by celebrities like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, or Dove Cameron; the advertisements for Snickers or Zales; Niki Minaj’s “Marilyn Monroe,” Madonna’s “Material Girl”; or the trailer for My Week with Marilyn starring Michelle Williams as Monroe. In your answer, be sure to identify the quality that is being referenced (Monroe’s beauty, sexiness, innocence, vulnerability, etc.) and explain how this quality is being used in the example.

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