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Finish the Career Plan

For this assignment you will finish the Career Plan You will include the information listed below and you will answer the questions listed in red and under Job Attainment,Job Performance,Job enhancement, Career Enhancement ,and you will finish “… a Career Plan for an Individual with a Disability.

You will include the information listed below and you will answer the questions under Job Attainment ,Job Performance,Job enhancement, Career Enhancement ,and you will finish “… a Career Plan for an Individual with a Disability.

Career Plan for an Individual with a Disability.

Josh, an individual in my workplace is a marketing specialist; he is interested in pursuing a career in the marketing industry by finding employment in a leading marketing organization. Josh prefers permanent employment rather than casual or temporary employment. He will need the opportunity to learn new skills and avenues for career development. Josh’s goal is to be employed in a good organization with favorable working conditions and avenues for career growth. Josh will be totally involved in the development of his Career Plan; the planning process will address four areas of career development including job attainment, job performance, job enhancement and career advancement.

Josh will secure employment as a marketing specialist.

General requirements and abilities needed to perform as a marketing specialist:

Comprehending emerging digital marketing platforms – Achieved through professional training.

Gaining valuable exposure to the company’s strategy to improve job experience and establish a basis for more senior positions.

Take part in opportunities to facilitate career development and increase the job performance.

Develop critical marketing skills, competencies, experiences and knowledge to increases chances of attaining the individual’s short, mid-term and long-term goals.

Understanding technical developments such as google analytics to expand marketing skills.

Josh demonstrates the following competencies, skills, knowledge and experience.

Extensive marketing experience with contemporary digital tools, platforms and channels in the marketing industry.

Knowledge of identifying the appropriate target audience and designing the desired communication strategy and content for the target market.

Competencies in digital marketing, team leadership, resource allocation and developing effective marketing strategies.

Communication skills, social skills, effective negotiation skills, creativity, analytical thinking, team work, stress management and digital marketing skills.

Thoughts regarding actions needed for Josh to achieve employment goal.

Pursue a Master’s in business management to expand knowledge in the business aspect of marketing and increase chances of promotion to senior management.

Develop marketing skills through training and coaching from senior officials in the organization.

Developing a functional and updated resume for promotions and career development.

Analyze other marketing job opportunities that align with the individual’s preferences, interest, needs, experiences, competencies and skills.

Establishing a lifelong process of planning and development since career planning is an ongoing process.

Constant job evaluations to legitimize job change in an effort avoid job-related problems

Now the Fun Part! Use the information you have collected (above) and develop a Career Plan for Josh.

Josh’s Career Plan

Employment Goal: Marketing Specialist

Job Attainment

How will Josh & his employment specialist secure the job of his choice? Who does he need to involve, what marketing material will he need, what skills will he gain for interviewing, etc.

Job Performance

How will Josh develop the necessary skills to meet his employer’s expectations – job skills and soft-skills? What supports will Josh need?

Job Enhancement

How will Josh become a valued employee? Will Josh need assistance in becoming involved in social and recreational activities away from his workplace?

Career Advancement

Josh desires to become a leader in his organization. What do you and Josh need to do to prepare him for a leadership position?

Does Josh have other expectations – living alone, driving a car, managing is earnings, etc.

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