finish the discussion

Answer only ONE of the below questions:

In your opinion, which battle of the Revolutionary War had the greatest impact on the outcome of the war?


Discuss the importance of any ONE of the “Founding Fathers” (it can be a prominent one like Washington, Madison, Jefferson, etc or a lesser known one like Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, James Otis, etc.)


Compare and contrast the competing visions for America held by Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Are these views still relevant today?


Was the overall outcome of the War of 1812 a defeat, tie, or victory for the United States? Explain your opinion.

Post your response of (minimum) 250 words in a neat, detailed, and thoughtful fashion. Then respond to at least two other student posts in a meaningful way (a minimum of 50 words each). You must post IN YOUR OWN WORDS (no copying/pasting from the internet, etc.). To receive credit, you must post your discussions by the due date! (Late posts will not be given credit).

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