fix problems that professor has with my paper

1. My final paper is done, I just need someone to through my professor’s critiques and fix the problems she as with my paper.

2. Has to be turned in today!

3. Here is what my professor said about my paper:

Good start, Rudy. You raise some great points and give a good summary of the division of Germany. 

I’m having trouble finding your thesis, though. While you write a good report about what happened, be sure that you have a strong thesis that makes an argument that your paper supports – such as, the division of Germany was the catalyst to the Cold War, or made the Cold War inevitable, or was a symbol of greater issues…whatever you choose to argue.

Remember, too, as I wrote on your topic proposal, this paper is to be largely based on original research of primary sources. Secondary sources can be used to round out your understanding, but you’ll want to spend some time tracking down some primary sources as well. The sources and research a significant portion of this paper’s grade.

Please review my email from Saturday for some Turabian tweaks.

I look forward to reading your final paper. 

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