For this assignment, analyze the following article found in the Business Source Complete database in the Waldorf Online Library:

250 words each with one reference including in-text citation.

1. You are working with Law Connection. One of the company’s clients is scheduled for a court-annexed arbitration; however, she is unsure what a court-annexed arbitration is. The client believes that the private arbitration would be better for her personal injury situation (she fell in the lobby of a building). Your supervising attorney has asked you to:


Explain to the client the differences between private arbitration and court-annexed arbitration. Provide her with a real world example of a matter that would be appropriate for private arbitration, and an example of a matter suited for the court-annexed arbitration.


Provide the client with at least two advantages of the court-annexed arbitration, and describe to the client why the court-annexed arbitration is more appropriate in a personal injury case. Provide the client with some examples to help her understand.

2. During the Christmas season, the Osceola School Superintendent orders each of the high schools within the school district to prominently display the nativity scene. A group of parents believe this display is a violation of separation of church and state. The parents are considering litigation as an alternative dispute resolution process; however, they are not sure how this process works.

In your opinion, discuss whether the parents choose litigation as an alternative dispute resolution process. Explain the reason for you decision.

Discuss at least two advantages and disadvantages of litigation as a dispute resolution process.

Compare litigation as a dispute resolution process to one of the other dispute resolution processes. Be certain to provide at least two practical examples of why one dispute resolution is preferred over the other in this particular situation.

3. Discuss whether a client’s tolerance for risk should be assessed at the counseling session when determining an alternative dispute resolution strategy. Explain the reason for your response being certain to provide examples.