From 1865-present, the conception of who is an American has changed over time. Describe this expansion.

From 1865-present, the conception of who is an American deserving of the full rights of citizenship has changed over time. In this essay, we want you to consider historical context, causality, and change over time when describing this expansion of who is or is not an American.

Think broadly about what it means to be American first, then think on groups pressing their case for inclusion, while considering issues of ethics and civics. You must include social/cultural/socio-economic analysis in this essay. You may include political (but not required). What primary documents have you read that address these issues? Don’t forget the key individuals and events to use as evidence.

In this assignment you will use primary documents, in addition to other course materials, in an analytical argument. You will upload the assignment through the link at the bottom of this page. Worth up to 100 points, or one letter grade (10%) of your semester grade.

Details: Rule of Three Analytical format 3-4 pages (minimum of 5 paragraphs), double spaced, 12 pt type, 1 inch margins. Grammar, logic, and clarity count. Specific and detailed evidence required. Use of a minimum of four primary documents posted in the Blackboard materials or from the American Yawp are required

Note that you may (and should) use secondary source materials (the text, lectures, etc.) as well in this paper, but you must also incorporate primary source documents as part of your argument/evidence.


Essay Checklist

Be sure to:

  • Have a strong rule of three thesis statement
  • Use “Rule of Three” style
  • Use a minimum of 4 primary source documents as evidence
  • Have evidence/analysis from 1865-1900, 1900-1950, 1950-present time periods
  • Discuss more than one ethnic group in your analysis
  • Properly cite using footnotes in Turabian/Chicago style
  • Write 3-4 pages

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