gantt schedule charts

1. Create a Schedule Management Plan that covers what scheduling, estimation and tracking methods you will use and how you will deal with schedule variances.

2. Revise your WBS based on my feedback and what you now know about the project. Provide reasonable DURATION estimates for each task. (I don’t expect you to be experts at estimation.) .

3. Import your WBS into OpenProj, MS Project, or similar tool. ( I can open both .pod and .mpp files on my computer.) Use this to create a Schedule Gantt chart as your baseline that shows the tasks and milestones for the project. Assume you have no more than 4 people assigned to the project, and your sponsor is expecting the fastest results possible

4. Identify the Critical Path and minimum time it will take to complete the project, including all deliverables

NOTE: You can submit your Schedule Management plan and schedule baseline ( the Gantt chart file ) as separate documents in Blackboard, or you can combine them into one document if you can make that “user friendly”.

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