gf520 unit 4 assignment 2 1

Assignment: Research Paper

This assignment will be used to assess: Course Outcome GF520-4: Integrate global interconnectedness and understand global interrelationships as it applies to your field of study. Professional Competency PC-2.3: Demonstrate integrity through the application of relevant codes of conduct and social responsibility within one’s profession. Write a 4-5 page APA formatted paper with proper citations, references, and a minimum of 4 reference sources addressing the following: 1. Conduct research which addresses the question, “Why do companies go global?” 2. Include a discussion of social responsibility and the environment in which global companies operate in. 3. Review the latest APEC Guide to Investment Regimes, which can be found at by going to the Trade Agreements tab. 4. Select two of the countries listed there and explain how some of the initiatives discussed might entice multinational corporations to choose to invest in this region in their efforts to “go global.”

APA formatting

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