Health Care Policy PowerPoint Presentation



As a healthcare administrator or professional, it is essential that you not only recognize health care issues affecting your industry or organization, but also that you are able to present persuasive, cohesive, well-supported recommendations to stakeholders who hold the power to determine if, how, and when your recommendations are implemented. The purpose of this assignment is to identify a health care issue, its relevant laws, and an associated ethical dilemma related to the issue within your industry or organization. You will construct an executive summary PowerPoint presentation for your board of directors that succinctly outlines your issue and provides recommendations on how to adhere to a policy.


PowerPoint Presentation Requirements

Include the following in your presentation:


A detailed, yet succinct, analysis of the health care issue—who, what, when, where, why. What is the ethical dilemma or issue resulting from executing a law?

Identification of the relevant laws.

Identification of the relevant industry regulations, any extenuating circumstances or gaps in meeting current or expected future regulations, and factors necessary for compliance.

Explanation of the need for intervention or change of the organizational approach.

Description of the policy that you believe needs to be initiated or changed to address or resolve this issue.

The approach or process for addressing the issue, including organizational improvement, risk management, and ethical considerations. Your ethics recommendation should analyze the ethical standard or principle related to the issue and propose some form of strategy, framework, or solution to address the issue, such as a guideline for decision making, an ethical code of conduct with associated action expectations, or an ethical model. Your recommendations should include at least three credible references cited using APA Style and Formatting guidelines to support your recommendations.

A concluding statement and summary of the issue, law, ethical principles, recommendations, and next steps. Ideally, the recommendations will address patient safety, culturally competent care, ethics committee or task force for future problem solving, risk-management considerations, et cetera.

Example: A large health care system’s administrator is given a directive from the governing board to develop a compliance program for the new mandated universal health care coverage. The administrator must consider the intent of the law, possible new regulatory requirements, and the fact that the population served includes non-citizens who may require emergent services. The administrator must address how to provide required emergent care (EMTALA) while meeting privacy requirements (HIPAA) and maintaining financial viability of the organization. Ethical issues must also be considered regarding disclosure of patient demographic data which may result in lack of eligibility for continued, necessary treatment and care, and so on.


When presenting health care recommendations in the real world, you will need to be able to present your perspectives quickly and succinctly. Therefore, your PowerPoint presentation should be around 3–5 minutes in length. You may want to use some of the Web sites and other resources provided under Resources to help you complete your PowerPoint.


Assignment Requirements

For this assignment:


Pre-record your presentation in Adobe Connect. Be sure to upload your PowerPoint presentation into the Adobe Connect room before starting your recording session.

Submit the URL of your recording for your instructor’s feedback.

Attach a copy of the outline for your 3–5 minute PowerPoint presentation as well.

Complete the self-evaluation form and submit it as an attachment to your instructor.

Post the URL of your recording in the second discussion in this unit for peer feedback.

Read the Health Care Policy PowerPoint Presentation Scoring Guide for the grading criteria of this assignment.