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Q1- What is information Governance? Please provide 2 page APA standard answer.

  1. Resources:Debra Logan, “What Is Information Governance? And Why Is It So Hard?” January 11, 2010,

Q2: In policy development, program Controls, Monitoring, Auditing, and Enforcement, we must gather metrics to determine the level of employee compliance, its impact on key operational areas, and progress made toward established business objectives. What are those types of metrics you will need to gather and how will you measure them? Please provide 2 page APA standard answer.

For this question, wirte on testing and auditing. (Testing and auditing the program provides an opportunity to give feedback to employees on how well they are doing and to recommend changes they may make. But having objective feedback on key metrics also will allow for your executive sponsor to see where progress has been made and where improvements need to focus.)