help with an assignment it security policies


provide answer under the questions and answer completely. APA format and provide references

part 1:

4. list the risk elements at the school.

7. Fill in the table as follows:

8. list three recommendations for IT security policies to help mitigate the risk exposures in the school’s IT infrastrncture.

part 2:

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

  1. Which IT assets did you prioritize as critical to administrative or student computing?
  2. List your top five (5) risk exposures for which you believe this school should have specific risk- mitigation strategies.
  3. Given the potential risks that you identified, what IT security policies would you recommend that the school create to help mitigate each ofthe identified risk exposures you listed in question #2?
  4. True or false: FERPA compliance law is about protecting students’ privacy data, including personal information, grades, and transcripts. The law itself defines a privacy requirement but it does not specifically address security controls and security countermeasures.
  5. Given that student privacy data is typically housed within administrative computers, systems, and databases, what can you do to mitigate the risk exposure that a student or someone on the student or school’s network can access these systems?
  6. For a school under FERPA compliance law, do you think the administrative computing or student computing network infrastructure is more important from a business and delivery of education perspective?
  7. The school monitors the use of student social networking on FacebookTM, MySpaceTM, and TwitterTM. What should the school define and implement if it wants to define acceptable and unacceptable use of school IT assets, Internet, e-mail, and use of personal laptop computers on the school’s network?

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