hich theory says that the necessities involved in managing an organization inevitably become concentrated in the hands of a few bureaucrats

(TCO 3) Which theory says that the necessities involved in managing an organization inevitably become concentrated in the hands of a few bureaucrats, who then wield true power in the organization?

Political apathy

Low-information  rationality

Elitist theory of democracy

Iron law of oligarchy

Political efficacy

Question 25 pts

(TCO 4) Which of the following have American courts allowed under the First Amendment?

Speech that constitutes a direct personal provocation

Clergy to offer nondenominational prayers at public high school graduations

Polygamy, as long as it is part of traditional religious practice

Schools to require children who are Jehovah’s Witnesses to salute the flag

Schools to exempt Amish children from public education requirements

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Question 35 pts

(TCO 3) Which age group has been the most supportive of the Democratic Party in the 2004, 2006, and 2008 general elections?

Young adults aged 18–29

Middle­aged adults, 30–39

Older adults aged 40–49

Seniors in their golden years, aged 50–64

Retired seniors, aged 65 and older

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Question 45 pts

(TCO 3) What term is used to describe a question on the ballot asking citizens to give the state permission to repeal an existing law?



Legislative referendum



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Question 55 pts

(TCO 4) What do conservatives argue about the middle class in America?

That it is disappearing

That it remains large and essential to the U.S. economy

That government needs to enact new legislation to protect and assist the middle class

That the tax burden falls disproportionately on the middle class

That the middle class’s share of the nation’s prosperity has fallen since the 1970s

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Question 65 pts

(TCO 3) According to the delegate theory of representation,

officials should act according to the views of the electorate.

focus groups are of little use.

politicians should let their conscience guide them in making decisions.

only the most intelligent members of society should serve in leadership roles.

opinion is only a barometer, to be used as the legislator sees fit.
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Question 75 pts

(TCO 4) When can government outlaw religious practices?

If the religion is not approved beforehand

If the religion is too small

If the religion moves overseas

If the religion poses a threat to society

If the religion obscures or misinterprets the words of God
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Question 85 pts

(TCO 3) What term is used to describe the system of voting where the seats of the legislature are assigned to parties based on the percentage of the popular vote that each party receives?





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Question 95 pts

(TCO 4) The Supreme Court would likely view all of these actions as violating the constitutional right to free speech EXCEPT

organizing a terror strike against our government.

burning a replica of the American flag.

asking for a list of names of all organizers and participants of an anti-government rally and then investigating them.

wiretaps of individuals without their knowledge and without a warrant.

Ku Klux Klan rally designed to start a riot against the minorities.

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Question 105 pts

(TCO 3) What made the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case so controversial?

It limited the size of donations made by corporations.

It required that all campaign donors’ names be public.

It said corporations have the same First Amendment rights as individuals.

It required that citizens present a valid form of identification when voting.

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