history assignment 114


1) Open the Google Document attached below titled “‘The American Century – Civilians At War’ Video Notesheet” Please preview the directions on that page. THERE ARE NO questions, so you actually have to pay attention to the video and take your OWN notes on it.

2) Click on the YouTube link included below titled “The Century: America’s Time – 1941-1945: Civilians At War.” Carefully watch this 1:07:51 minute episode. This episode is long, but it does show you how people around the world were affected by World War II.

3) While watching, I suggest that you pause the video (since you CAN go back and forth in this one) to take notes (on the “Video Notesheet”).

4) When you are done watching the video and you have completed the “Video Notesheet,” please turn in that document. Please be sure that you take your OWN notes instead of copying and pasting somebody else!

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