history treaty of guadalupe

answering these following questions according to Treaty of Guadalupe

1. In light of the readings, how would you explain the motives that led to the Texas/Mexico war?

2. Who was general Santa Anna? And what was his role in Texas’ revolt for independence? What happened in the battle of El Alamo, and San Jacinto? What was the Treaty of Velasco?

3. Why was not Texas allowed immediate admission into the American republic?

4. How would the purchase of Oregon influence American’s to annex Texas?

5. James K. Polk ran for president of the U.S. in 1844 on what political agenda?

6. How would James K. Polk ultimately justify declaring war against Mexico?

7. Look at map 1 in your book “The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo” and describe what you see. In other worlds, explain what was the contention that brought about the U.S./MEX war.

8. Who were the three generals in charge of the three main military campaigns against Mexico? Also summarize how each campaign was different. Where would the battles be fought, who won, how many people would die. Etc.

9. Which was the only battle won on the Mexican side? Where? What is the Treaty of Cahuenga?

10. According to Griswold del Castillo, who best described the spirit of Manifest Destiny?

11. Why did some members of congress at the time oppose the U.S. MEX. War?

12. During the ratification of the Treaty of Guadalupe, what would president Polk suggest?

13. From seeing how article IX of the Treaty of Guadalupe was ratified what can you say? What wording was taken out? In your opinion why was that done?

14. Why was Article X taken out from the Treaty of Guadalupe? What would be the impact of taking out Article X?