How does the creation of the Department of Homeland Security affect resources traditionally designated for local criminal justice organizations?

How does the creation of the Department of Homeland Security affect resources traditionally designated for local criminal justice organizations?



Here’s the assingments and the directions for each of them. Also, the needed reading material that you will have to get yourself in order to complete the assignments properly.: All of these assignments are to be done separately and in APA Style. In addition, remember that each discussion question has to have atleast 500 words and has to answer each question in its entirety. No PLAGIARISM allowed… For the first 2 discussion questions will require yo to have access to this book: David W. Neubauer and Henry F. Fradella ” America’s Courts and The Criminal Justice System”. 11th Ed. Belmont, CA: Wadworth, Cengage Learning, 2014.

 1. Topic: Achieving Justice in America

The Federal and State criminal justice systems share many commonalities and some differences, but both are intended to achieve the same goal—justice. How one defines “justice” impacts his or her view of whether a particular model is valid (crime control vs. due process), the system is flawed or properly balanced (fragmented or unified), and if a member of the courtroom work-group (judges, lawyers, law enforcement, etc.) is performing his/her role properly. Regardless of your opinion on these academic assessments, the criminal justice system is inherently adversarial and a criminal conviction requires each and every element of the offense charged to be proven by the government beyond a reasonable doubt. Beginning with the Reading & Study material, discuss how each of the academic assessments impact the ability to ensure the guilty are punished, the innocent go free, and the means by which this is accomplished comports with the legal philosophy embodied by the United States Constitution and its English Common Law principles. Expand upon the provided material with scholarly research to augment the development of your position.


Topic: Prosecutors and Social Media

Both federal and state prosecutors perform their duties in the midst of an explosion of technology. The impact of that technology on the criminal justice system’s roles and duties is amplified by the advent of social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube. Together, technology and social media complicate the ethical and professional duties of prosecutors. Beginning with the Reading & Study material, discuss the impact of these and other social media sites as it relates to the role of a prosecutor to: (1) inform the citizens of their jurisdiction about criminal activity; (2) respond to inaccurate media portrayals of criminal justice events; (3) protect the victims of crime; (4) secure an impartial jury; (5) conduct a fair trial for the accused; and (6) remain a viable candidate for re-election. (Social media is different from news media or the entertainment industry. Do not use sources or evaluate the issues from a news media perspective.) For this question it requires the book mentioned America’s Courts and you will have to find and read these articles:

Website: Extrajudicial Comments and the Special Responsibilities of Prosecutors – Failings of the Model Rules in Today’s Media Age

Website: A Second Chance at Justice – Why States Should Adopt ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct 3.8(g) and (h)

Next Assignments are as follows: The book required for this class is as follows:

Stan Stojkovic, David Kalinich, and John Klofas. (2012). ” Criminal Justice Organizations: Administration and Management. 5th Ed. Belmont, CA: Wadworth, Cengage Learning.. Also, find the said articles that I’ve attached to the proper assignment. Thanks

1. You will write two pages (not including your title page) expressing your current worldview in regard to the subject of Administration of Justice Organizations. This paper’s content will include how the presentation in the Module/Week 1 Reading & Study folder influences your worldview.

Presentation: Basic Concepts for Understanding Criminal Justice Organizations


  • Topic: Chapter 1 Case Study – The Department of Homeland Security

1.    How does the creation of the Department of Homeland Security affect resources traditionally designated for local criminal justice organizations?

2.    Are there too few resources to fight both terrorists and traditional criminals?

3.    Who should pay the burden for investigating, apprehending, prosecuting, convicting, sentencing, and incarcerating terrorists?

4.    Should Osama Bin Laden have been taken alive?

5.    What are the due process protection questions in light of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security?

6.    Should these due process protections matter in the fight against terrorism?

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