How effective you were in engaging the client in the first minutes of the interview?

How effective you were in engaging the client in the first minutes of the interview?

The paper instruction below has be answer based on the attached script of a video role play between a client and a social worker. script needs to be cite in the paper and use as examples.  


Part II Instructions: Role-Play Self-Evaluation

Self-Evaluation Guide

Please address the following four areas in your self-evaluation. Please be concise in your response. Your reflection paper should not exceed 2,000 words. Clips should be created to demonstrate the skill you are addressing in your reflection.

1. Nonverbal Communications

Please reflect on how you “looked” as an interviewer, such as to what extent or in what ways you presented yourself as a warm and welcoming professional and showed your interest in the person. Identify effective uses of nonverbal communications on your part, and the nonverbal aspects that you would like to see improvement on in the future. Please feel free to use clips as illustrations.

2. Empathic Responding

Please identify two clips showing your use of empathic responding, preferably representing two different levels of empathic responses. For both clips, first, indicate the level of your response and justify your rating. Second, discuss how you came to that response during the interview and the effect of your response on the flow and/or the direction of the interview in each case.

3. Question Formulation

Please select two examples of question formulation in your interview. These can be either open-ended or close-ended questions. Discuss how well these questions facilitated the development of the interview. If they were effective in moving the interview along, discuss how they achieved it. If not, discuss how you might


formulate the questions differently.

4. Overall Evaluation. All questions must be answered:

a) What were two substantive questions that you had about the client’s situation as you prepared

for this interview?

b) How effective you were in engaging the client in the first minutes of the interview? Explain.

c) How effective were you in identifying the client’s goals?

d) How would you plan to monitor progress toward identified goals?

e) How were issues of power, privilege, identity, and difference present in this interview?

f) After this short interview, what did you observe about the client’s strengths?

g) What are two substantive or process questions you have for your supervisor with this case?

h) What would you like to do differently next time if you have a chance to work with a person

in a similar situation?

Grading Criteria

This assignment will be evaluated based on the following:

(1) the understanding of various interviewing skills;

(2) the ability to use interviewing skills properly;

(3) the ability to engage in reflective and critical self-evaluation;

(4) the ability to demonstrate professional role and boundaries, and,

(5) the skills of composing concise and well-organized responses.

Students will receive a score on items within each area. Please note that your overall grade on this assignment is more than a tally of points. The points are meant only to provide information on the overall strength of that area. Conceivably, two students with the same point distribution could end up with different overall grades for the assignment because other more nuanced aspects of performance in either the role-play or its analysis differed between the assignments. Considering both the role-play and the reflective paper, the student demonstrated:

5 = Excellent

4 = Very Good

3 = Good

2 = Poor

1 = Unsatisfactory

1. Identify as a professional social worker and conduct oneself accordingly

a) ______ Effective personal reflection

b) ______ Professional roles and boundaries

c) ______ Awareness of areas of self-correction to ensure improvement in interviewing skills

d) ______ Professional demeanor in behavior, appearance, and communication

2. Engage diversity and difference in practice

a) ______ Self-awareness to address the influence of personal biases and values in working with the client

b) ______ A recognition of the importance of difference in shaping life experience

3. Engagement and assessment skills with individuals

a) ______ Substantive preparation for the interview

b) ______ An understanding of and the use of empathy

c) ______ Beginning skills of question formulation

d) ______ Recognition of client strengths

e) ______ Identification of what the client wants and some next steps

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