HRD8212 | Term: Summer 1 2015

Total 50 Questions

Final Exam

Week 8

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Excellent interpersonal skills in the job description is an example of:


Compensation metrics for a particular company are best prioritized by


Which of the following is not a Compensation Consultant and Survey Vendor:


Which item is not used by HR to support recognition efforts in their organization:


According to author, Cindy Ventrice, inherent recognition is described as anything that tells people they are valued and important.


Base salary + Bonus + Equity Compensation + Benefits = ________________


Which entity is most likely to enforce Federal Executive Orders regarding compensation?


Pay mix is typically a good indicator of


This law, referenced as an acronym, protects workers from being forced to work excessive hours without fair compensation


Recognition is most meaningful when it takes into account the talents, skills, concerns, needs, affiliation, and accomplishments of the people one is recognizing.


The market survey field, “Base Pay Incumbent Weighted” is calculated as:


The HR teams from three dominant competitor companies share information about sales quotas and commission rates. Choose the best analysis.



Is it illegal to have two different premiums for two languages (e.g., German $2/hour and Spanish $1/hour). Choose the best analysis.


For this question, use the salary range of $35,000 – $50,000 $

80,000. If the employee is earning $33,000, the compensation term that best describes their

placement relative to the salary range is:


According to the author, Cindy Ventrice, grand gestures are more important than frequent recognition.


It is best to use 2 – 3 survey sources to market price the positions at your organization if possible.


According to the book, “Make Their Day”, recognition that works should focus on:


A company produces widgets in four different factories. What is the best measure of the quality of the compensation program among the group of factories?


Which of the following is not a disadvantage of a broadband system?


According to the author, Cindy Ventrice, “Recognition That Works” has the following attributes:


A nonexempt

employee is required by company policy to take a onehour

lunch. The longstanding

policy is communicated to each employee in the handbook

(which each employee acknowledges in writing) and is universally known by the workforce.


If your company pays at the 75th percentile, they are paying less than the market since the market is 100% and you may have difficulty retaining employees

since they can easily find an employer that is willing to pay them more to perform the same job.


best practices in writing job descriptions is:


About how many new jobs does the US economy need to produce monthly to keep up with new workers coming into the workforce?


To estimate total compensation expense, what needs to be considered in addition to base salary?


Your position is a good match to the survey position when:


According to the lectures, the primary accountabilities or essential functions should cover approximately what percentage of the job?



Minimum wages rules are set where and how?


It is tacky to recognize up, so you should not recognize your manager or supervisor in any situation because you might get labelled a “brownnoser”

or be accused

of “kissing up”.


For this question, use the salary range of $35,000 – $50,000 $

80,000. Which of the following statements best describe the $50,000 point in the salary range:


The 75th percentile reported in the survey means:


Compensation professional can rely on keeping certain work product private under “Attorney Client Privilege” rules in most states. Choose the best analysis.


One can find and market price any job.


Who is Lilly Ledbetter?


Base salary + Bonus + Equity Compensation = __________


For this question, use the salary range of $35,000 – $50,000 $

80,000 If the employee is earning $82,000 the compensation term that best describes their

placement relative to the salary range is:


At Wildcat Industries, the overall level of compensation (actual gross payroll) on the widget factory floor is going up from $100K per week to $150K per week over

the course of a quarter. Benefit expense is partially fixed and partially variable – it has gone up from $18K per week to $20K. Head count is flat. What is the best

metric to review to understand the changes.


HR should be in a lead role in designing recognition programs. They are the primary owner of the recognition programs for their organizations.


What is the best source of verified historic data on employment and wage data among the following choices


According to the author Cindy Ventrice, recognition that works is not described as follows:


Which measure of unemployment is likely to show the highest count of impacted people?


A salary structure is at its most fundamental a reflection of the hierarchy of jobs and pay in the organization.


The best factors to consider when market pricing are:


The book, “Make Their Day”, identifies which of the following measures to base recognition or bonus awards on:


The SMART criteria used to set bonus goals is the acronym for:


A company pays every new hire into the same job, the exact same starting wage even though some new hires have degrees, previous experience, and/or

certifications. Choose the best analysis.


If the average pay for one racial group is less than the average of another racial group in a position within an organization, that is clear proof of illegal pay

practices. Choose the best response.


Meaningful recognition =


No one is required to have a job description; it is simply nice to have elements of the HR programs at your organization.


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