HSA 315 QUIZ 2

Question 1

What did the authors describe as a cornerstone in examining IT value?

IT project proposal

Formal financial analysis

Strategic plan discussions

Industry research publications

Question 2

Which of the following is a standard of the HIPAA Security Administrative Safeguards?

Device and media controls

Facility access controls

Workstation security

Workforce security

Question 3

Who oversees the licensure of health care facilities?

Accrediting organizations

Federal government

State government


Question 4

Which is a nonprofit organization with board members from both private and public sectors that maintains a large, searchable database of performance measures?





Question 5

ìMaking an effort to materially improve the process that the system is designed to supportî describes which observation of realizing value?

IT value requires innovation in business practices.

Economic value comes from incremental innovations rather than ìbig bangî initiatives.

Strategic value comes from the cumulative effect of sustained initiatives to innovate business practices.

Sustainable value requires that the leaders understand that change is an aspect of organization life rather than something to be endured every couple of years.

Question 6

__________ is an individualís constitutional right to be left alone and to limit access to his or her health care information.





Question 7

Which of the following was NOT discussed by the authors as a step to ensuring the delivery of value?

Require proposals

Increase accountability

Manage outcomes

Invest more resources

Question 8

Which of the following is NOT one of the three broad aims of the National Quality Strategy?

Innovative care

Healthy people and communities

Affordable care

All of the above are aims

Question 9

Data center management is a subgroup of which of the four core functions of an IT department?

Operations and technical support

Applications management

IT administration

Project proposals

Question 10

Which law was written specifically to protect patient confidentiality only in federally operated health care facilities, such as Veterans Administration hospitals, Indian Health service facilities, and military health care organizations?


Privacy Act of 1974

Freedom of Information Act

Federal Trade Commission Act

Question 11

__________ is a general term for software that is written to ìinfectî and subsequently harm a computer system.





Question 12

Which IT staff member plans, designs, coordinates, and coordinates system security measures?

Project leader

Systems analyst


Database administrator

Question 13

Which of the following is NOT a strategy to shorten the deliverables cycle?

ìBig bangî implementation

Staged rollouts


All of the above are strategies to shorten the deliverables cycle

Question 14

Which of the following is NOT one of the four major categories of quality measures?




All of the above are categories

Question 15

__________ is a desirable approach in assessing IT services that brings a level of objectivity to the assessment process.





Question 16

Which IT leadership role is a relatively new position and emerged as a result of the growing interest in adopting clinical information systems and leveraging those systems to improve care?

Chief technology officer (CTO)

Chief information security officer (CISO)

Chief information officer (CIO)

Chief medical information officer (CMIO)

Question 17

Which of the following is an action taken to limit network access?

Keep machines in locked rooms.

Manage keys to facilities.

Restrict removal of devices from secure areas.

Set up wireless routers to operate only in encrypted mode?

Question 18

Which of the following is NOT characteristic of IT-enabled value?

IT value is both tangible and intangible.

IT value is not variable across organizations.

A single IT investment can have a diverse value proposition.

Different IT investments have different objectives, value propositions, and value assessment techniques.

Question 19

Which of the following original CMS value-based programs determines whether or not an acute care hospital should be paid a reduced amount based on performance across health-acquired infections and unacceptable adverse events?

Hospital value-based purchasing

Hospital readmissions reduction

Hospital-acquired conditions

None of the above

Question 20

Of the eight core IT processes that must be managed for an effective IT department, which competency involves development of IT staff skills and retention of IT talent?

Human capital management

Relationship management

Platform management

Value management