Integrative Paper, Part 1: Systems Theories and Complex Adaptive Systems

Upon completion of this first of three parts to your Integrative Paper, you will have laid the foundation of systems theories and models that you will apply to a problem or innovation opportunity at a health care organization of your choosing. 


Read the Integrative Paper Guidelines to prepare you for this set of three assignments during this course.


Choose 2 topics from the list of systems theories and conceptual models below:

  • – General systems theory
  • – Chaos theory
  • – Complexity theory
  • – Learning organization theory
  • – Systems model of change
  • – Viable systems model


Write a  900 -1,050 word paper in which you do the following:

  • Describe each of the 2 selected theories/models including an overview and details in the form of key elements and relationships between the elements. Visual depictions are encouraged.
  • Compare and contrast the 2 selected theories/models. Consider the following:
  •  -What phenomenon or phenomena is the theory or model addressing?
  • – How are the elements of each theory/model similar? How do they differ?
  • – Where do the theories/models complement one another in explaining organizations as systems?
  • – Explain what complex adaptive systems (CAS) thinking is and how the 2 theories/models inform or support CAS. A visual depiction of CAS is encouraged.


Note: This paper will become the “Breadth” section of your final integrative paper.


Support your descriptions and analysis with references to 5 credible sources.


Format your paper according to APA guidelines intext citations and a reference page.


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