intermediate accounting doing a poster

  • The objective of this assignment is to allow you to evaluate accounting data, communicate it according to formats settled by International Accounting Standards and present professionally.
  • Work on the allotted topic from the below list:
    • Economic Entity
    • Going Concern
    • Monetary Unit
    • Periodicity
    • Accrual Basis of Accounting
    • Measurement Principles
    • Revenue Recognition Principle
    • Expense Recognition Principles
    • Full Disclosure Principle
    • Cost Constraint
  • Prepare a meaningful poster with the following requirements:
    • Concept Description: Explain the accounting concept clearly and show the context of its use in practice (Where or how it is used in accounting).
    • Illustration: Illustrate your understanding of the concept with suitable visuals, tables or pictures. All illustration must be self-drawn and not copied. Be Creative!!
    • Evaluate the Idea: Show the positive and the negative aspects of the concept, the possible misconceptions or misuse of the idea. The Accounting Standards which support such practices etc.,
    • Conclusion: Explain the care to be taken to apply the concepts by the accountants or practitioners.
  • Posters must conform to the following requirements:

  • Content: All the above criteria must be addressed.
  • Clarity: Font size must be readable from a distance. Grammar and spelling must be correct.
  • Format and Submission: The draft soft copy of the poster should be submitted by only one team member to the Blackboard submission link. The hard copy of the poster to be displayed on the Poster presentation day and each team member should be present to explain their poster. Posters dimensions = 4 ft. X 4 ft. (1.219 m X 1.219 m)
  • Research and References: from relevant academic sources like research papers, journal articles and company websites is expected.

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