intern journal

The each logs should be as long as you need it to make them, but at least A PAGE long and more- just write about what you did, learned, experience, any interesting event, challenges, take-aways, etc. talk about the goals and how it was achieved if there were any to achieve that week by finding it out on the agreement file which is attached below.

I am attach my time sheet in a zip file for you to see my work schedule. each journal needs to have journal entry the dates from when to when and etc.

Journal 1 – May 20 to May 24

Journal 2- May 25 to May 31

Journal 3- June 1 to June 7

Journal 4- June 8 to June 14

Journal 5- June 15 to June 21

Journal 6- June 22 to June 28

Journal 7- June 29 to July 5

Journal 8- July 6 to July 12

Journal 9- July 13 to July 19

Journal 10- July 20 to July 26

Journal 11- July 27 to August 2

Journal 12- August 3 to August 9

Journal 13- August 10 to August 16

Journal 14- August 17 to August 20

Company website-

Name and title oof my site supervisor- Khatib Rubel, Director (Operations).

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