interview questions 42

This week you have an opportunity to interview a manager who is working in a functional area or firm you are interested in. Feel free to use relatives, friends, parents of friends, your current boss, or work acquaintances as your subject. Provide the following in your report:

Firm or Industry:

Management Position:

Ask your subject to rank each of these statements on a scale of 1 to 3, where 1 means “rarely”, 2 means “sometimes”, and 3 means “often”. Ask your subject to explain each one of their answers and take careful notes on their comments for each statement. You are welcome to add some of your own questions, but I will specifically look for notes regarding each of the statements in the questionnaire.

Interview Questionnaire

1, My manager encourages me to continually develop my expertise and empowers me to use it at work.

2, My manager invites input from employees.

3, Bureaucracy and politics are kept to a minimum at this firm.

4, Most employees here work in teams where they have the opportunity to learn from colleagues.

5, After a project is completed, the team will meet to review what happened and talk about lessons learned.

6, The firm provides me feedback from my boss, other colleagues that I work with, and my customers.

7, My organization uses experiments, prototypes and simulations to develop new products, systems, and services.

8, Taking risks and making mistakes are considered a normal part of the process of innovation at my firm.

9, Employees at my firm are encouraged to copy and adopt best practices from other organizations.

10, I have a keen understanding of our firm’s vision and how my work contributes to it.

Scoring : After the interview is over, please score the questionnaire by adding up the 10 ratings. A total of 10-16 means this firm is Not a Learning Organization. A total of 17-23 means this firm is a Moderate Learning Organization. A rating of 24-30 means this firm is a High Learning Organization. Provide the numeric score and result in your report.

Reflect: Are you more or less excited about this career option as a result of the interview? Explain.