Introduction To Health Education Week 2 Quiz (All Correct)

Question 1. 1. Which of the following is not a responsibility directly identified by the Health Education Job Analysis? (Points : 2)

[removed] Focus your efforts on those less fortunate
[removed] Be able to carry out multiple health education tasks

[removed] Administer and manage health education

[removed] Work to improve lives through health education


Question 2. 2. Which organization can provide certification to health educators? (Points : 2)

[removed] NCHEC

[removed] CDC

[removed] NIH

[removed] SOPHE


Question 3. 3. What is the title of certified health educator? (Points : 2)

[removed] Professional Health Educator

[removed] Accredited Health Educator

[removed] Certified Health Education Specialist

[removed] Lead Health Educator


Question 4. 4. In Health Education Job Analysis, responsibility II is identified as Plan Health Education. Under this responsibility the primary goal the health educator is asked to achieve is to: (Points : 2)

[removed] create a plan that has measurable objectives.

[removed] develop a health plan that focuses on those in need.

[removed] develop a program that is smaller in capacity for maximum effectiveness.

[removed] create baseline information on which to build.


Question 5. 5. Last week we discussed behavior change theories.  Complete the following sentence regarding the Theory of Planned Behavior.  “ According to the TPB, individuals _________to perform a given behavior is a function of their attitude toward performing the behavior…” (Points : 2)

[removed] Desire

[removed] Intention
[removed] Attitude

[removed] Motivation