KWL Chart: Space Exploration

Fill in your KWL (Know, Want to Know, Learned) chart using resources that address your topic in relation to each of the four liberal arts lenses.

  1. Draw on previous and personal experience to provide as much information as possible about what you already know about your topic in relation to each lens. This is the “K” part of your KWL Chart. For instance, what do you know already about the history of basketball?
  2. Based on your previous knowledge illustrated above, determine what you want to know about your topic in relation to the lenses. Be sure to phrase this information as a question. This is the W part of your KWL Chart. For instance, you might ask, “When did basketball become a professional sport in the United States?”
  3. Using your researched library sources, answer any questions you can from those you posed in the W column based on what you learned from your research in the class library. You may not be able to address all your questions with the given resources. This is the L part of your chart.

History: Dale, S. (2007). Going back to the moon. Vital Speeches of the Day, 73(1), 12–16.

Humanities: Wilsing, M., & Akpinar-Wilsing, N. (2004). Integrating ‘outer space design’ into design curriculum. International Journal of Art & Design Education, 23(1), 73¬–80.

Social Science:

Natural Science:

  1. In looking at the questions you posed previously that did not get answered by the given resources, determine what keywords you might search if you were to continue exploring your topic. This is the last column on the KWL Chart

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