lab report assignment

Go to the Lab Report Forum in the discussion board and:

1.Post your results from the lab “Determine Energy Expenditure: Treadmill Walking/Running”. (2 points)

a.Include the following in your post: subject weight, mph and percentage grade (i.e. 5%, 7%).

b.Note if the subject was walking or running.

c.Do not post your calculations, only the data.

On this page: (Use Level 1 Writing Guidelines)

2.Using 2 other classmates postings from the forum, calculate the VO2, METs, and kCal. (2 points)

3.Explain the principles of overload, specificity, and reversibility. Provide a specific example of how you could improve your lab results utilizing each of these principles. (6 points)

4.Describe specific adaptations that are likely to occur if you train yourself aerobically to improve your lab results. Consider mitochondria, fat metabolism, muscle fiber, the cardiovascular system, and the pulmonary system (5 points)

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