List and define two other concepts, terms, techniques or methods that can be used to examine and interpret music and dance.

Discussion Topic:

After looking through all of the materials in the Week 3 Learning Resources  please use them, without relying on any outside resources, to address the questions below. Make sure to use your own words and avoid cutting and pasting from the sources. Make sure to cite any of the learning resources you use in your answer in MLA format.

  1. In one or two sentences, briefly define ethnomusicology using your own words. Make sure you rely on the information from the Learning Resources.
  2. List and define two other concepts, terms, techniques or methods that can be used to examine and interpret music and dance.

Sample post

Ethnomusicology is (one sentence). (Optional second sentence).

  1. Theme – the main melody or melodies in a piece of music that most stand out
  2. Frailing – a plucking technique from Old Time banjo music which means striking downwards on strings with the fingernail and then plucking the fifth string with the thumb in an off beat

“Glossary of Musical Terms.” Khan Academy,

What Is Ethnomusicology? – Society for

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3.2: Exploring Music and Dance

Discussion Topic

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSIONS:   Your contributions should be thoughtful and developed.  Answer all parts of the question and use concepts from the course materials.  Use a professional style of communication, with attention to grammar, spelling, and typos; cite your sources.

Unless your instructor specifies otherwise, choose ONE of the following questions, and give a substantive response to at least two other students.


The readings and videos introduced themes and issues related to exploring music and dance as phenomena of culture.  There are a great many more to consider: children’s music and dance, music and dance for the elderly, music and dance among people with disabilities, or spirituals in African American history. Find a video related to one of these, embed it in your post, and examine one of these areas (or another related topic) in detail and make sure to use at least two concepts, terms etc. about music and dance you or your classmates posted in Discussion 3.1. Underline or bold the vocabulary, concept or technique you use as a interpretative tool in your post.


If you decide to create a Ringshout and can make a video, share a file containing the video and discuss the experience of learning about the Ringshout and the process of creating it.


Participate in a style of dance that is new to you. Your local community may offer free or low cost opportunities such as contra dancing or line dancing.  If live musicians are present, what instruments are used? Do some research on this style of dance, discussing its cultural context, history and origins as well as your impressions based on your active participation as a dancer. Be sure to embed a video example of this kind of dance in your post.


Using an Internet search engine, locate the nearest symphony orchestra, chorus (chorale) or opera company to your home or office, or one that you would like to visit in the future.

Share the URL (website location) and describe some of the works being performed this season. Are the works on the programs all by 18th and 19th century European male composers (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, etc.) or did you find some diversity among the composers?

Check for special programs for families with children or special ticket prices for students. Does the organization have a public outreach program such as the award-winning “Voices Within,” an artist residency program designed by the Los Angeles Master Chorale that teaches fifth grade students how to tap their creative voices to compose and perform their own original songs?

If you were to attend one of the performances you have discovered, what two tools from Discussion 3.1 that you or your classmates posted might you find useful to have in mind when viewing the performance and why? Underline or bold the vocabulary, concept or technique you use as a interpretative tool in your post.