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The play How I Learned to drive by Paula Vogel details a story of a sexual relationship between the Lil Bit and her Uncle Peck who is her aunt’s husband. Their relationship went through her pre adolescence to her teenage years into college and even after. The play describes the unwanted sexual abuse caused to the girls in their childhood, which they feel difficult to share with other people and struggles to manage the situation and will have a long lasting impact on her mind for sex. The story is very impactful because it is dictated from the girl point of view and not as a victim, it was well plotted to narrate her past and how that lesson leads her to deal the situation at present and future.

The values that this story bring is about the child exploitation and sexual harassment, which are two most common and important social issues which need to be addressed and solved for better upbringing of children and to secure the society from the dangerous man who consider it as an advantage to them. Though it is a play, but it depicts the very common phenomena that exist in our society and the little children become the victim of such horrible anxieties which needs to be solved and rectified. Therefore, this play brings light on the issues like child abuse and sexual harassment and it reflected the impact of such issues on their upbringing and also make due focus on the social environment which allow the people like Peck to take advantage and to commit such embarrassing crime.


I totally agree with you.

County Attorney George Henderson and Sheriff Henry Peters emphasized Minnie Wright’s role as housekeeper and were free to judge her shortcomings in the field. The main characters of the play, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, are identified only by their husband’s surname. Minnie is the only woman in the play who has ever used her real name, but the name only emphasizes her marriage style. When she got married and transferred from Minnie Foster to Minnie Wright, she lost control of herself. In such a strict world of gender roles set in the play, the situation of a woman without children can be imagined. Minnie Wright is not allowed to appear in the play, and readers can imagine her predicament. This way of giving power to the reader is better than directly indicating Minnie Wright’s situation, because the reader’s understanding will no longer be limited.

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