MGT 450 Strategic Planning for Organizations

MGT 450 Strategic Planning for Organizations

Week 1 Quiz (All correct)

Question 1                         

What does a business model describe?


A revenue and expense model

A rationale of how the company creates, delivers, and captures value

A plan to generate money for the firm

How the company positions itself in the industry

None of the above


Question 2

What is strategic planning?


Any decision that affects the company’s ability to complete, its position in the industry, or its viability as a going concern

One person’s or one group’s attempt at arriving at a strategy

The process by which one develops a strategy to achieve certain purposes

How a company actually competes

The entire set of resulting experiences—at some price—that an organization causes its customers to have



Question 3         

Under which condition is a matrix organization not the best one?

Managing international operations

Managing multiple projects

Producing distinct product lines

Managing multiple brands

Managing divisions

Question 4         

CEOs looking for vacant CEO jobs are virtually guaranteed high compensation packages because that is what CEO-compensation statistics indicate.






Question 5                         

Which of the following is not regulated?


Electric utilities


Prescription drugs

Airline safety

Question 6                         

Which of the following is not a strategic decision?

Deciding on a strategy

Change an advertising campaign

Whether to adopt a new technology

How to develop a core competence

Whether to sell the business



Question 7         

Every company that does business in the US must have its financial statements audited.





Question 8         

Acquisitions fail for many reasons; which of the following is not one of them?

The acquirer overpaid

Management hubris

Cultures are incompatible

Ignorance about the business

Key personnel leave




Question 9                         

All US public companies are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) even though they are in competitive, unregulated industries.





Question 10                      

Which of the following is not a type of director in a firm’s board of directors?


Related outsiders


Related insiders


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