My own leadership development

Topic: Leadership Reflections – 25% 

Due Dates:   Tomorrow 

Format: Essay

Value: 12.5%

Length: 1000 words (line-spacing 1.5, font size 12 point, Times New Roman typeface)

Your task is to write a total of 10 x 200-word weekly in-depth reflections from each of the weeks focusing on at least one major lesson learnt for your own leadership development. These should be focused, personal, practical, candid, specific, and in-depth reflections about what you have learned about yourself. These lessons might relate the discussion in lectures, class and/or tutorial, and/or what you learnt through the assigned readings, at your workplace, or generally in the community. You also need to identify areas for improvement to enhance leadership effectiveness and how you would go about achieving them.

The first 5 weeks of reflections (weeks 1-5) are due at the end of Week 5.

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