need a 2 page summary of critical essay written by 11 59pm friday 05 08 2020

LIT 4335 (American Modernism)

Assignment: Summaries of Critical Essay over Cather’s “Mesa Verde” essay

Swift, John N. “Fictions of Possession in The Professor’s House.” The Cambridge Companion to Willa Cather, edited by Marilee Lindemann, Cambridge UP, 2005, pp. 175–90. (THE SHORT READING IS PROVIDED BELOW IN ATTACHED DOCUMENTS)

Format: MLA

INSTRUCTIONS: (Details document attached below)

-Identify the argument’s thesis (main point). What does the essay wish to demonstrate?

◦ Identify the principal sum-points of the argument and their importance to the overall point.

◦ Identify the sort of support the author uses – passages within the novel and other authorities – and how that evidence/expertise bolsters the argument.

◦ Identify the argument’s consequences: How does it affect the way we read the novel, the way we regard certain characters, or what we might imagine the author intended the novel to do?

Do not simply list your findings; organize them into an essay that does justice to the content of the argument. **Above all, do not offer a “play-by-play” narration of the essay**


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