Need business and finance help to Analyze a Corporation by Using the Internet

Analyze a Corporation by Using the Internet

The “subject/theme” for this discussion is to determine if a corporation can be analyzed by using the internet.

Search through the internet to find resources for corporate 10-K reports, proxy statements and other news related to the corporation (of your choice), you will find that there are free websites that will provide these resources to you.

Select one corporation for the example you will be sharing in the discussion and find an example of the following: web sites for 10-K reports, an example of the selected corporation 10-K report, proxy statement. 

Once you have all of this gathered and reviewed, please answer the following in the discussion question:  What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses?  Please be specific.  Use at least 3 examples from the materials you have collected and cite their location.  What type of strategy do you think they are following?

75-150 words can go over but no more than 300 words!! Just a discussion question!!! 

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