need help in minor revision business plan

Attached is the business plan I’ve drafted. I just need you to do minor polishing and changes in layout following this outline:

1. Front Material:

  • Cover Page: Company name and logo (Note Company Name should be used as a header for each Page)
  • Table of Content
  • Mission and Vision Statement

2. Executive Summary: Condensed Business Plan

3. Business Plans Major Parts:

  • Introduction
  • Business Description and Value
  • Management & Organizational Plan
  • Critical Path Timeline
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Summary: An Action Statement, Conclusion and Recommendation

4. Supporting Documents

  • Appendix
  • Reference



I am just missing the summary with action statement, appendices and reference part, the rest are pretty much there already feel free to reformat following the outline requirements. I also need help in writing for a short PITCH for this business plan covering the following:

1. What is the name of your company and/or product?

2. A company, product and services description

3. What is the major benefit that your customers will experience from using your product and/or service?

** Please submit the pitch on a different file. Thank you.

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