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Lipid Worksheet

  1. Describe the structure of a triglyceride. What is a free fatty acid? A monoglyceride? Diglyceride?
  2. What would make a fatty acid bent? Straight?
  3. Describe what a saturated fatty acid is.
  4. Describe what happens when there is a double bond in the carbon chain of a fatty acid.
  5. What kinds of fatty acids are solid at room temp? liquid?
  6. What is a trans fat and how is it made?
  7. What are the health risks associated with trans fats?
  8. What are food sources of trans fats? Saturated fats? Unsaturated fats? Essential fatty acids?
  9. What are the 5 functions of triglycerides discussed? Describe each.
  10. How many calories is found in 1 gram of lipid? How does this compare to proteins and carbohydrates? What is the advantage of this?
  11. What is the RDA for trans, saturated and unsaturated fats? Fats overall? What foods could you focus on to enable you to reach this RDA?
  12. What type of activity do fats supply fuel for? What tissues/organs rely solely on carbs for?
  13. Trace the digestion of lipids. Name the organ and then explain what enzymes occur there and any other important information.
  14. Describe how fats are absorbed and then moved in the blood. Where do they go from the small intestine?
  15. Name the 4 kinds of lipoproteins. What is the main function of each. Where is each made?
  16. How do triglycerides and cholesterol lead to heart disease?
  17. What is atherosclerosis and what is its effect on blood pressure? Explain.
  18. What is the nutritional treatment for atherosclerosis? Hypertension? Coronary Artery Disease?
  19. Should you buy a product that has reduced fat? Why or why not:


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