, Parliament overthrew James II and invited William and Mary

In 1688, Parliament overthrew James II and invited William and Mary, Duke and Duchess of Orange, to be the new monarchs. This revolution was bloodless, so it was named the Glorious Revolution. This event has proven to be one of the most significant events in English history, as it marks the end of absolutism in England and a victory for the principles of John Locke and the Whig party. It also has proven to be significant to American history, as revolutionary leaders in 1776 rebelled against England as their ancestors had rebelled against James II, arming themselves with similar principles.


Read and think about the English Bill of Rights

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. Consider these questions …


1) While Whigs still supported the monarchy, why did they demand Parliamentary supremacy over royal power?


2) What sort of individual rights did Whigs champion?


3) How was their vision of liberty perhaps limited in its scope?


4) If Whigs of 1688 suddenly appeared in our modern world, what do you think their reaction might be?


Communicate your thoughts in a short response (about 150 – 200 words or so). Be sure to make clear and specific references to the Bill of Rights.