peer review 2 essays 4

Questions to answer for a peer review (cut and paste for peer review):


  • How well did the introduction adequately introduce the topic? Why/why not?
  • What is your peer’s thesis statement? If you cannot figure out the thesis, what feedback can you give your peer that would help him/her focus the paper?

Body paragraphs:

  • How well did each paragraph support one idea of the essay’s thesis? If not, identify which paragraphs need more development and why.
  • How well do the ideas flow from one topic to the next, logically guiding the reader from start to finish? If not, point put where it starts to unravel and how to get back on track.
  • How well does the student offer a thorough analysis of the evidence used? (This is the “E” in the AXES model). If not, point out which ideas need further elaboration.


  • How well does the conclusion discuss the SIGNIFICANCE of the student’s argument (for example, does the conclusion discuss why the student’s argument is relevant today)? Provide suggestions for improving the conclusion.
  • Does your peer’s paper fall between the page limit? If the paper is too long, make suggestions for condensing. If the paper is too short, make suggestions where the ideas can be expanded.

Essays will be sent to asigned tutor.