Please describe in detail your understanding of what national culture is (10 points)

Please describe in detail your understanding of what national culture is (10 points)

Mid-Term Exam


* This is a take-home essay exam. Given that you have a week to complete the exam, I expect the answers to be comprehensive and logical.

* Pick FOUR out of FIVE questions described below. Please circle below (at the right bottom corner – e.g., Q1), which questions you would like to be graded. If you complete all five and do not indicate clearly, I will take the lowest four scores.

* Please do NOT change the format already embedded in this exam sheet (12-point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins on all sides, single-spacing. Your answer should be limited to maximum of 2 pages for each question.

* Complete the following information FIRST:

I have neither given nor received any aid from others during this exam.




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Q1 (25 points)
Q2 (25 points)
Q3 (25 points)
Q4 (25 points)
Q5 (25 points)
Total (100 pts)

Q1: Please explain how various drivers to the internationalization of business influences human resource management practices for organizations. Describe in detail, five drivers and how these drivers influence specific human resource management practices (5 points each). Here, please specify which function of human resource management practices are being affected (job design, selection and recruitment, training & development, performance appraisal, or compensation and benefits).

Q2: Please describe in detail your understanding of what national culture is (10 points). Please try to be as comprehensive as possible (within the page limitation given). In addition, please tell me how national culture influences human resource management practices. Please use three specific examples (countries and specific HR functions) here (3 x 5 points).

Q3: Why is it important to understand the legal context of international business? Please describe how a national laws and regulations (5 points), supranational laws (5 points), and extraterritorial laws (5 points) influence human resource management practices. Again, please use specific examples for each.

Q4: Describe the nature of union membership around the world (5 points) and explain how various forms of union and non-union worker representation influences human resource management practices for multinational enterprises (10 points). In addition, explain how the existence of such labor organizations influences multinational enterprises (5 points).

Q5: What are the factors that makes up receptivity to international careers? Please select five factors that you consider most critical and explain why these factors influences receptivity to international career (4 points each). In addition, explain why receptivity to international careers is important for selection of candidate for international assignment (5 points).

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