pm assignment

  • Illustrate how to create project artifacts to close the project.

Course Outcome:

IT401-6: Create project artifacts to close the project.


The Unit 10 Assignment focuses on completing a lessons learned document to close out the project. The Lessons Learned Project analyzes what went well and did not go well for the Garage Apartment project. Although this project was not actually completed, research lessons learned on construction projects as a knowledge base.

Assignment Requirements:

For the Garage Apartment project, create a lessons learned plan using the Lessons Learned template (attached). Research construction projects and identify ten lessons learned, one for each of the project management knowledge areas: integration, time, cost, scope, communication, human resources, quality, risk, stakeholder, and procurement management. For each area, document a potential issue that occurs with construction projects, what was the problem (or success), the impact, and the recommendation.

Assignment Instructions

Complete the following sections of the Lessons Learned Plan:

  • Introduction (describe the Garage Apartment project)
  • Lessons Learned Approach
  • Lessons Learned (one for each knowledge area)
  • Knowledge base
  • Lessons from Prior Projects (research best practices in construction projects)
  • Summary of recommended improvements